These are miscellaneous resources related to what labs should do and what they are doing. They are mostly disconnected from the main part of this project. Most people shouldn’t read these and should instead engage with this project by staring at the homepage and skimming pages on categories of actions for labs to improve safety and particular labs.

Other labs briefly discusses companies we don’t evaluate.

Other scorecards collects other work evaluating labs on AI safety.

Commitments collects companies’ commitments relevant to AI safety.

Companies’ policy advocacy collects companies’ policy recommendations and engagement with policymakers.

Open letters lists open letters related to AI safety.

Corporate documents collects some documents from AI companies.

Surveys lists public surveys (focused on America) and expert surveys related to AI safety.

Responsible scaling policies discusses RSPs.

Sources on good actions for labs points to some general sources on how labs can improve AI safety.

What governments should do on AI safety briefly discusses how major governments can improve AI safety.

Actions we don’t endorse briefly discusses a few notable actions that are often recommended to improve safety but that we don’t currently endorse.